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Primary School in Tetouan

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ASCER Competition for students

First Prize

Co-authors:  Sergio del Castillo Tello and Rocío Reina Alcalde


The project is located in one of the highest points of the city, next to an ancient citadel. This citadel took part of the military plan established before the planning of the suburbs.
At North, it borders with the Medina, at Northwest it delimits with a Muslim cemetery and at Northeast with the Djel Dersa neighbourhood.
The school aims to create a new urban fabric for Tetouan. Through a thorough observation of the city, we can see that each stage of its life has left a different imprint on it.
Due to the big height differences of the slope, a stepped building is proposed to allow access to different levels. It consists of 8 ‘modules’, zones, each of which is defined by 3 elements: roof, walls and floors. The displacement of these elements in relation to each other generates a succession of interlocking interior and exterior spaces.
The project is perceived as a succession of roofs which rise above the ground. The big corbels protect the classroom from the sun and high temperatures.
The detailing of the façade was imagined as a succession of big pieces of extruded ceramic. This system allows for some of them to rotate, others can move, so that users can accommodate the interior space to the exterior environment. The construction of these pieces is a reinterpretation of the local ceramic techniques. It will also be used to cover the roofs (crushed ceramic).
They will be filled with thermal isolation and there are holes for three aluminium rounds. In case of the rotating pieces, the aluminium round is located in the centre. If not, at the extremes.
The design of the ceramic piece was awarded with the first prize at the ASCER competition for students in March 2008.



Join of two pieces

Join of pieces with metal structure



Axonometric view

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