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Villa de Medios

Competition. Honourable Mention

Co-authors: Sergio del Castillo Tello, Rocío Reina Alcalde and Ana Retamosa Nieto


The “Villa de Medios” was intended to host 5000 journalists during the Olympic Summer Games in Madrid in 2016. It was located near Valdebebas, very close to the new Real Madrid Sports City and adjacent to the new pavillions of IFEMA where the Main Press Center (CPP) and the International Center for Radio and Television (CIRTV) will be situated.

The approach to the intervention is thought in 3 scales:

- Level 1: Plot.

It is especially important the connection with the CIRTV and CPP infrastructures. As a condition of departure, private vehicles will not be allowed in the parcel.

- Level 2: Groups.

These modules can be grouped in a free way, always keeping the following characteristics:



-New technologies-Pre-fabrication

- Level 3: Modules.

With the technical characteristics and provisions of a 4-star hotel, the strategy will focus on legacy use after the games and creating long term sustainable benefits. The vertebra articulates not only growth but the total settlement infrastructure. Facilities and structure are integrated into a single plinth that organizes groups, ensuring sustainable growth and capable of being stuck in time as needed.

General Plan

Composition system

One piece, Endless combinations

The central vertebra articulates the combination of modules, as well as the whole infrastructure of the settlement.

In this vertebra, installations and structure work together to assure a sustainable growing.

Combining examples

Aereal view